Bowden Aglet™

Product Description

This innovative, newly designed Bowden Aglet™ fitting was desperately needed in the 3D Printing industry. Our Aglet secures your bowden tubing to the hotend and extruder with zero backlash, while allowing full freedom of rotation, unlike PTC fittings (Push To Connect – pneumatic fittings for air hoses) that are currently in use by 3d printers far and wide.

PTC Fittings are fraught with problems when utilized for 3d printing:

  • Their teeth cut into the PTFE tubing making removal of bowden tubes impossible.
  • They can cut deep enough to break the bowden tubing free and cause a failed print.
  • They flex up and down forcing you to increase your retraction amounts just to translate a small amount of movement to the end of your filament.

So, if you want a more precise printer, you need Bowden Aglet™ fittings. Bowden Aglet™

  • Compatible with all hotends and extruders using PTC/Universal bowden fittings with m10x1 threads.
  • Zero backlash adjustment.
  • Full freedom of rotation.
  • Does not damage PTFE tubing like PTC fittings.
  • Smaller retraction settings speed up print times and greatly reduce chances of retraction based print issues.


  • M10x1 Threads

Whats Included:

  • Bowden Aglet™ (2)
  • Retainer (2)
  • Bowden Tube (1)

Installation Instructions:

  • Trim PTFE tubing square on its end.
  • Slide Aglet™ retainer on tubing first.
  • Thread Aglet™ onto PTFE
    • Periodically test fit to check the backlash by threading the retainer in and move the bowden tube in and out until there is no observable movement yet the tube is still free to rotate.