J-Head™ Temp Probes

Product Description

J-Head Temp Probes Proudly Made And Shipped Right Here In The USA

Our newly designed J-Head™ Temp Probes have bite! With our J-Head™ Temp Probes, we take the extra steps to secure the probe in the M3 stud by having a rough surface for the thermal cement to bite into – once assembled they are not coming out, creating a safer more secure temp probe.

Other M3 stud probes:

  • Have a smooth bore in the M3 stud allowing the temperature probe to pop out easily.
  • Some have the probe in the head instead of inside the threaded section, adding to inaccuracies in reading temps.

So, if you want a safer printer, you need Hotends.com J-Head™ Temp Probes.

Hotends.com J-Head™ Temp Probes

  • Keyed interior surface to lock the temperature sensor into the M3 stud.
  • Connector for easy wiring management.


  • M3x.5 threads
  • Wire length = 1 meter

Whats Included:

  • M3 stud thermistor (NTC 100K beta 3950)

Installation Instructions:

  • Thread into heater block
  • Wire into your printer’s controller board
  • Set the firmware to the new type of temperature probe. (NTC 100K beta 3950)