Genuine J-Head™ hotends – Proudly Made In The USA

Genuine J-Head™ hotends are proudly made in the USA.

I am proud to manufacture Genuine J-Head™ hotends right here in Wisconsin - USA. From the customer service to the manufacturing shop floor, you know you're getting quality American made parts at

Attention: Get American made quality at

Interest: American made quality is something we take a lot of pride in here at One item that bears this out is the J-Head™ hotend, our flagship product. When you order one of these precision-built 3d printing components you are buying a state-of-the-art heating unit that's made in the U.S.A, by Americans, with attention to detail and a focus on performance. And to top it off these J-Head™ hotends are entirely manufactured in America with raw materials sourced from local vendors whenever possible so you can be sure the quality is there.

Desire: Used to upgrade printers of all shapes and sizes

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Made In America

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