J-Head™ All-Metal HiFlow™

Product Description

All Metal Hotends Proudly Made And Shipped Right Here In The USA

The J-Head™ hotends have been a favorite among professionals and enthusiasts alike since 2011. With its innovative designs and low part count, there are few if any points of failure in a Genuine J-Head™ hotend. With a vertical heater cartridge, J-Head™ HiFlow™ hotends are faster than ever. With the all new J-Head™ All-Metal HiFlow™ we’ve focused on bringing down the overall cost, without sacrificing the quality we are known for at hotends.com.

So, if you want the best upgrade for your printer, you need Hotends.com J-Head™ All-Metal HiFlow™.


  • All-Metal construction giving you access to printing in PLA to extreme high temperature PEEK materials!
  • New Universal top sporting our new Aglet™ fittings for bowden setups.
  • Extended melt zone to reduce the temperature required for extrusion.
  • Removed PEEK and PTFE materials from the hotend – The hotend is no longer temperature limited by PEEK.


  • Leak-less Design – Internally, the filament path is seamless top to bottom, unlike other hotend designs that provide multiple routes for melted filament to evacuate the hotend rather than through the nozzle itself.
  • The design takes into account the thermal properties of the materials used to produce the best results.
  • Extending from the mounting groove to the nozzle tip, the new J-Head™ All-Metal HiFlow™ hotend with its vertical heater cartridge is similar in length to our competitors – brackets, mounts and shrouds found on Thingiverse should work without modification!
  • All Metal Construction – NO PTFE liner – This reduces a point of failure that is part of other hotend designs.
  • Universal top featuring our new bowden Aglet™ fittings for zero backlash bowden tubes!
  • Adjustable length for calibrating dual extrusion setups.
  • Standard nozzles.


  • Body Diameter 16mm
  • Mounting Groove to Nozzle Tip (L) 54mm*
    *Adjustable +/- 1mm
  • * Universal Top m10x1 threads

Whats Included:

Installation Instructions:

  • Insert the J-Head™ M3 stud thermistor into the threaded hole on the side of the heater block.
  • Mount to the carriage with the mounting groove or threaded end.
  • For bowden setups see Aglet™ installation instructions
  • Plug in heater cartridge and thermistor and enjoy!

Why Genuine J-Head™?

High Quality – in Customer Service and Parts:

J-Head™ hotends was established in 2011, and since then we’ve constantly strived to provide stellar customer service with superior hotends to our community!

We are the designers and the manufacturer. We hope you choose Genuine J-Head™ and we look forward to seeing you enjoy 3D Printing.

Additional Information:

J-Head™ All-Metal HiFlow™ Datasheet